Founded in 2004 on the principles of affording top class healthcare to Africans, Buphe is committed to assisting Africans in the provision and access to better Healthcare.

The founders were aware that the state of health in Sub-Saharan Africa is very critical, delivery of services is precarious and there is a problem of provision and access to healthcare in this market.

To address the need, Buphe has put in place a Health system model that simplifies and promotes access to Healthcare.

The model is an association of a Healthcare Funder, Healthcare Fund Manager and Healthcare Service Provider.

Buphe has a wide network of service providers both in Africa and worldwide; and it is this large network that allows for the client to receive the best service.

Buphe’s program affords members access to medical insurance through which they can benefit and utilise the network of service providers anywhere in the African continent and the world.

For cases that cannot be managed in the country of residence, members are transferred to South Africa; India and other part of the world where necessary for advanced medical treatment.